Predictive-Results Analysis Mechanism

PredictRAM is Collective-Intelligence platform utilizes the relevant event in the form of a stock where participants can trade on the outcome of the event.


Now trade on events

How it'work

Instantly create or customize your own poll for free to know the trending predictions!
Share and discuss your opinions on trending topics and your predictions on the hottest competitions.
Trade on Binary polls Earn gift cards for popular stores as you compete globally with each opinion and prediction you share.

services we provide


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Data-Driven Research

Leverages data and domain expertise to provide in-depth analysis and insights on public and private companies.

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Data Solutions

Dedicated team responsible for turning millions of unstructured data into usable raw material for our research teams.

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Due Diligence

Investors rely on data and market intelligence to better understand key metrics such as deep insights

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Comparative Analysis

Partnering with dozens of data providers and pioneering new methodologies, understanding fundamentals

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Alternative Data

corporate solutions are specifically designed to help companies understand alternative data

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Proprietary Data Analytics

We commingle traditional and alternative data sets, delivering unique insights.

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Unique content

Includes I/B/E/S Estimate Aggregates, Worldscope Fundamentals point-in-time data, and Polls.

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Blockchain Security

simply defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset

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Powerful analytical tools

Explore relationships between different asset types with a library of fully customizable analytical functions.